Friday, October 4, 2013

The Vic Theatre Re-opens

Tonight we joined the Victoria Film Festival (VFF) for the re-launch of The Vic Theatre at 808 Douglas Street and corner of Humboldt St. The Victoria Film Festival recently took over the theatre, and after a few coats of paint, we're ready to launch The Vic seven nights a week! Guests were treated to “cocktails and nosh”. The excellent wine was from the Devine Vineyard and the “nosh” was provided by Michael Murphy owner of 10 Acres Bistro + Bar + Farm. The staff and volunteers from VFF served the “cocktails and nosh”.
Thanks to VFF for inviting us to their grand opening night. We really enjoyed the “Secret Screening” which will be showing later on this month. Tonight’s film was Good Ol' Freda
by Director, Ryan White, a 2013 documentary where Freda Kelly tells stories from her career as the secretary for the Beatles.
We are aware that this is a society that is keeping this historic Victoria theatre running and that they really need a modern projection system, so if you are in a position to support them, please go to their web site and donate what you can. They are doing great work and deserve some support.

You can see more pictures on our Facebook page.

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