Friday, December 14, 2007

New Ferry for Nanaimo to Vancouver Run

The Coastal Renaissance BC's newest ferry is now in Vancouver and soon will move to Nanaimo where is is scheduled to do the Nanaimo to Vancouver Run this spring. Two more just like this are comming. This will make travel to our beautiful island much more enjoyable. Photo Credit: Carla Carlson

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Winter Storm Hits Victoria

Lask week the temperature dropped to -0.5 C. and we had a rare snowfall in Victoria. It lasted two days and then last weekend the "Pineapple Express" rolled in off the Pacific and the temperature went up to 15C which was unseasonally warm. It brought in a tremendous amount of rain. Approximately 3.5" fell in a 24 hour period. We were lucky as there was minimal flooding. Others on Vancouver Island were not so lucky. Snow at the higher elevations was intense. Many rivers on the Island flooded. Now the sun is shining and the temperature is cooler. Such is winter on Vancouver Island. It beats what the rest of Canada is getting. The prairies have temperatures between -15-30C. Now that is ugly. The photo shows the winds along the Dallas Road Waterfront.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

World Class Scuba Diving at Race Rocks

Race Rocks has incredible world class winter scuba diving. This light station is approximately 10 km west of Victoria's Inner Harbour and not far from Pedder Bay. You can check out our video of this great dive site
Wolf eels, seals, sea lions, an abudance of white plumose anemones, corals, basket star fish, and much, much more. I call it our Butchart Gardens Underwater.
It is a marine reserve so you cannot take anything from this site. The current rages in the area so you need to be aware of slace times. It is good to get a guide to take you there.

Winter has the best visibility but it is also very good in the summer. The sea lions leave on their migration in the spring. Check out the web cams at Race Rocks

Trucks Light Up Victoria


On Dec. 9th approximate 80 big rigs rolled throughout the region from Oak Bay to Langford to raise donations for the Mustard Seed and the West Shore Christmas Hamper Fund. They end their drive at Western Speedway where they park on the infield where revellers can see the lights up close and personal. Food donations get you in. Hot drinks and hot dogs are available by donation. To learn more about this great Christmas event, go to IEOA