Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Craigdarroch Castle at Christmas-A Must See During the Holidays

Christmas at Craigdarroch Castle
Every December Craigdarroch Castle provides visitors with more to see and hear on a self-guided tour.   Decorating the Castle for the Christmas season takes many hours and involves a number of staff and volunteers. Local businesses and individuals financially assist the Society with this endeavor and with their support we’re able to bring the many wonderful room displays you’ll see on your visit to the Castle.
To see the Castle decked out in traditional Victorian Christmas is a must see “thing to do” during the holiday season in Victoria. The details are exquisite!

Come on our short 3 minute tour of the Castle and wet your appetite for a real visit.  Be sure to spend time reading the self-guided signage so you can learn how they lived when the castle was lived in.  If you run into staff, be sure to ask all those questions you have!  You will be amazed.  Enjoy our tour!