Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Victoria's Waterfront Another, Don't Miss It

If you want to find out why Victoria was voted number one in the world for environmental ambiance by Con de Naste Magazine, then spend some time on our waterfront. These pictures are taken from Albert Head Lagoon in Metchosin, Esquimalt Lagoon on the West Shore, All of the Dallas Road Waterfront including Clover Point and Trail Island and all the way to Cattle Point. I never get tired of all this magnificent beauty. We are so lucky to have Mount Baker and the Olympic mountains along Juan de Fuca Strait as the backdrop to our beautiful city. 

You will never know what you might see. There is tons of marine traffic, all kinds of marine life ( you may even see whales right off the shore), and some of the most amazing scenery in the world. This is a must do, while in Victoria. To see all the pictures you will have to go to our Facebook Page.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

High Rock Park in Esquimalt

Welcome to a new feature on our Blog and Facebook.  We are going to take you to special places we call Victoria Dont Miss Tourist Spots over the next year on our social marketing sites.  If you want to find the best of Victoria places to visit, stay tuned.  This is the first of those Dont Miss Places.  It is High Rock Park in Esquimalt.  If you go to our Facebook Pictorial you will see all the reasons why you should go to this special park with some amazing views of the city you cannot get anywhere else.  Enjoy the photos and our trip through greater Victoria.  This Park has outstanding views from the summit and nice trails to the top.  It is only about 15 minutes to get from parking to the top.  enjoy....

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Tonight we were given a test ride on the newest tour boat from BC Whale Tours a local Victoria Whale Watch Tour Company. This was a thrill of a lifetime! The craft is 40 feet long, handles only 12 passengers and can easily handle rough water. We were out in some pretty good swells and the boat handled it with easel The ride was smooth and comfortable and high speed was a super thrill. You just have to try the Tika! This boat can get you out to the whales much faster than other similar craft, so the range is longer and the time you spend with the whales should be longer as well. There is a washroom on board that will handle a 7 foot basketball player. To sum it up, the ride is impressive, smooth, quiet and has a small carbon footprint. Hal, the owner is very proud of his fleet and especially proud of the Tika he designed. You just have to experience it to know just how good it is!  For more pictures, go to our Facebook Page.  Check out BC Whale Tours website.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Fire & Water Fish and Chop House

Today we attended the “Open House” at the 4-Diamond Marriot Inner Harbour Hotel. The purpose of our visit was to meet the new Restaurant Chef, Igor Duda. It is quickly apparent why the Fire & Water has become a favourite among locals and visitors alike.

The restaurant is decorated in warm woods, elegant fabrics and featuring natural elements from the nearby rugged coastline and countryside. The Fire & Water Fish and Chop House alone may be reason enough to visit Victoria BC. The offerings we tasted today were all very good and certainly demonstrated the abilities of the chef and his staff. For us, the Marriot is synonymous with incredible service and hospitality. All of the staff are warm, friendly and engaging. This is the same at every Marriot we have visited. The hotel mixologist prepared two special cocktails today (the Two-4-Tea, and the Green Tea Mojito). Both were very good. Visit the lounge at Fire & Water Fish and Chop House and you to can enjoy these and other fine drinks.

There was also a barbeque station on the outdoor patio where some very tasty barbequed ribs were offered. Oh the patio you can enjoy the street level outdoor patio where you can relax to the calming sounds of trickling water and enjoy a light meal or relaxing beverage.

The food we tasted was delicious and is shown in our Facebook Pictorial. One taste and you will be back again and again!

The Marriot Inner Harbour Hotel is just steps from the Inner Harbour and many of Victoria’s main attractions and shopping areas. It is a great location and a very good hotel. Check it out!