Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Middle Earth Victoria Style

Yesterday our curiosity got the better of us, so we set out to find Greater 
Victoria's version of the Hobbit living in Middle Earth, which just happens to be off Metchosin Road in Colwood. Middle Earth Victoria style is the
dream of Joe Thompson. His imagination and hard work have produced something very unusual and certainly worth seeing. Joe does tours of his Hobbit home on Sundays from 3-5 pm and serendipity had us there at 2:50 pm on Sunday. We were content to take a picture or two of the home from the road until Barbara, Joe's wife came out and told us about the tour. Joe showed up shortly and our journey through time began. The home is visual overload both inside and out. His eclectic collections of rocks and wood are interesting in and of themselves. There are faces watching you wherever you go, some carved in wood, others created of rock. Some are subtle and many are not. It is easy to believe you are in Middle Earth. The Hobbit home is a labor of love in progress and Joe is very protective of it, being careful about who he takes on tour, so trust that your vibes are good. Although Joe and his creation have been featured on TV and in the newspaper, his address is not public, but a little creative sleuthing will help you find it. Please, if you go, respect their property and do not show yourself around.  For more photos, please go to our Facebook Page.