Monday, October 7, 2013

Finlayson Arm Road - an unusual side trip!

Today I ventured where no man had ever gone before.  I felt like Capt. Kirk from Star Trek!  Well truth is man has gone there before, but my guess is 99% of the people who live in Victoria have not.  Two suggestions:  don’t go there when it is raining or snowing!  There are two ways to get on it.  One is on the road that turns into Goldstream Park.  If you are coming from Langford it is a safe turn into the park.  If you come out that way, then you have to turn left onto the Island Highway from Goldstream Park and this is not so safe.  However, I think the road is more enjoyed from the other end.  To get there, head for the Highlands on Millstream Road and turn left on Finlayson Arm Road.  Right away, the yellow caution signs come out.  The road is narrow (sometimes only one vehicle wide), has lots of curves and goes up and down quite a bit.  Mount Finlayson is about 400 meters high and it feels like Finlayson Arm Road gets pretty high up in the mountains. 


Not far into the road, you pass Lothlorian Wilderness  Retreat and Spa.  Until today, I never knew it existed.  It appears to not have a web site and I have never seen an ad for this place.  It is truly a mystery to me and I am in the tourism business.  Further along the road I pass a fence that is made out of pairs of skis.  There are beautiful homes, mobile homes, homes that look like they were built bits at a time…the standards seem to be non-existent.  This is truly a unique place to visit.  No chance of getting car sick.  You would be a fool to drive fast enough for that to happen.  There is a trail that goes to the “Ridge Top” and it appears that it also goes to the trail head for Caleb Pike.

There are signs and more signs.  There is one with a truck on it looking like a grade of 45 degrees downhill.  It is steep by manageable if you drive sanely.  Enjoy the pics.  For more pics go to our Facebook page.

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