Saturday, June 29, 2013

The Moss Street Market

This is undoubtedly the best of the Markets around Victoria. It has been around for a long time and the organizers have obviouslyh figured things out. It is well organized and there is literally something for everyone. I arrived early and took some of my photos before things got going. A bell rings at 10 am precisely and then the vendors start selling. The locals know, as they head directly for the fresh vegetables and especially the organic ones. There are instantly line-ups for these vendors. There is also someone who must make amazing bread as there was a long line up there. They have an entertainment stage and this morning the Obrien's were playing. There are lots of food vendors to choose from in the centre of the market. The smells made my knees week. The neighbourhood crows know when there is a free lunch and were lined up along the fence waiting for the first person to drop some food. They seemed to fit right in. About 10:10 am the place was packed. This is indeed the Grand-Daddy of local Markets. Check it out but come a bit early. enjoy the photos.  For more photos, click this link. 

The market also has over 75 craft and food vendors, all offerings made and sold directly by the local producer. The market is complimented by local musicians, great coffee, special event days, and the annual Moss Street Paint-In.

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