Friday, June 7, 2013

Prince of Whales & Milestones Restaurant-Two Great Experiences

Last night VGSN members were hosted by Prince of WhalesWhale Watching and Milestones Restaurant. We boarded the 62 foot Ocean Magic for a sight-seeing tour of the Inner Harbour. Each tour of the Harbour seems to offer something new to discover. On this trip we "discovered" the 95 million dollar sailing yacht Athena, owned by the Netscape guy. The Athena is the largest privately owned sailing ship in the world. However, it only takes on 10 passengers and 18 crew. There are lots of beautiful sights to see while touring the harbour. Onboard we were treated to appies and drinks and some great music by Claire Butterfield’s band Foxglove. We got to meet many of the Prince of Whales team and owner Alan McGillivray thanked us for joining them. Our thanks to Clair Butterfield who organized the event and explained the services of Prince of Whales. It was a very informative evening and lots of fun. When we returned to the dock, we were directed into the lower deck of MilestonesRestaurant where Manager Pat Allabarton hosted us with drinks and appetizers, including Milestone’s signature Belinis, which were very popular! The food was delicious and the hospitality exceptional (normal for Milestones)! Thanks everyone.  For more pictures visit the VGSN Facebook page.

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