Friday, November 9, 2012

Goldstream Park Nov 9, 2012

 Today is a beautiful day in Victoria. Clear blue skies means cooler weather. As I write it is 8C around 45F. In the last two weeks there has been a major leaf drop; however some of the trees still have green leaves as you may note in the pictures below. Goldstream is an amazing park with some incredible old trees (around 400 years old). There are large trees everywhere and you even drive into the parking lot you drive right by some very large ones. This time of the year the river is full of spawning salmon. The seagulls are feasting on the dead carcases and the eagles will not be far behind. There were no eagles today, but soon they will arrive in large numbers. This annual fall phenomena brings out large numbers of park visitors. The nature house has great displays for young and old alike and they run programs about the salmon. Be sure to walk down to the nature house and check it out. There is an eagle cam in the nature house that gives you great views of the end of the estuary and the mouth of the river. I have been there when you could count 40 eagles at once. The park if full of nature’s art as you will see from the picture. Lots of people were picnicking in the park today and eating hot dogs. Sun, blue sky, thousands of salmon, incredible scenery, and a whole lot more make this an incredible experience. Even in the absence of lots of leaves, the park is very green. The park sits at the bottom of Mount Finlayson which is a very popular hiking area for locals and visitors. Enjoy the photos. For more photos check our Facebook Page.

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