Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Devour Bistro Downtown Victoria

We had heard so much about the Devour Bistro that today we decided to give it a try for lunch.  We were oh so glad we did.  The bistro is tiny, with seating for around ten.  The food is amazing.  We thoroughly enjoyed our lunch.  Ron had Pork Pie with capicolla, red pepper, spinach, and aged cheddar served with organic greens.  Linda had Pea meal bacon with caramelized onions and olive tapenade on a baguette.  The couple next to us raved about their Black Bean Soup with tomato salsa and sour cream.  It looked delicious.  Ron just had to try one of their gigantic cookies.  Their menu changes daily and is truly unique.  For a special dining experience, we strongly suggest that you give Devour a try.  We are sure you will not be disappointed.  Rebecca and Jena seem to really know what they are doing and certainly think outside the box.  Well done ladies.  For more information, go to our Facebook page. 

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