Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Crocodile Burger - In Victoria?

Yesterday, I had lunch at Nautical Nellies and had my first crocodile burger.  Who would think that something this ugly could taste so good.  Just think how many burgers this little puppy would make.  Well it was truly delicious.  Succulent white meat that looks like halibut. So drop in and try one out.  Not even the Pink Bicycle that specializes in burgers has a Croc Burger. Krikey it was good, all smother in roasted red pepper and augmented with srirracha aioli -  Gourmet or what?

 My lunch partner had Shrimp Pappardelle.  It also looked very good.  My only problem with Nautical Nellies is that the menu has so much selection that it is hard to choose just one item.  So, we shared a vegetarian spring roll.  That got the flavour juices flowing.  I love this restaurant and highly recommend it.


Anthony Root said...
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Anthony Root said...

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