Friday, August 23, 2013

Fisherman's Wharf - A Victoria Attraction

Today was my day to explore the ever changing Fisherman’s Wharf.  I got their early in the morning when it was quiet, but it did not stay that way for long.  By noon, it was teaming with tourists and locals in for a bite to eat.  The first business that I visited was Eagle Wing Tours.  They offer a number of specialty tours but I signed up for a 3.5 hour whale watching tour.
While waiting for the tour to depart, I wander around the docks visiting all the businesses, sites and activities.  There was a group being readied for the Pirate Adventure.  Before boarding, passengers are given pirate garb and mustaches are painted on their faces and then they are loaded on the boat.  The crew are all in costume and play their roles magnificently.  Then they are off on what I am told is a wonderful adventure in the Inner Harbour.  Looks like fun.

Fisherman’s Wharf owes its existence to a young lady named Barb, who established Barb’s Fish and Chips, which are now world famous.  Barb started her business in a small shack anchored beside the main ramp to the dock.  She endured many long and wet winters ensuring the vitality of her business.  She long ago retired and sold her business, but not before it became a Victoria must visit location.  Now, they have a sophisticated operation that often puts out as many as 3 or 4 meals a minute during peak times.  So, I had to check it out, as I had not been there for a while.  The quality was there.  The halibut was fresh and ample.  The cold slaw was delicious and the chips crispy as they should be.  Having lunch next to the water on the dock is an unforgettable experience.  Well done, Nath and crew.  It was delicious.  I unfortunately could not eat it all and I just had one piece of fish.  A few of the chips met an untimely death.

If you choose, you can take the water taxis, or the harbour ferries and check out the entire Inner Harbour and Gorge Waterway, or go kayaking and whale watching.  There are a number of choices when it comes to eating: Barb’s, The Fish Store, Grilligan’s BBQ or the Moka Coffee House for a lighter fare.  Then for desert, it is just a few steps to Jackson’s Ice Cream (mmm good).  Just follow the signs and you can buy fresh live crab off one of the fish boats or you can pick up some fresh fish from the Fish Store and entertain the crowds by feeding the four very fat harbour seals that are waiting patiently for the next free no-work lunch!  Then you can walk the dock fingers between the houses and see the houses that live their permanently.
The quality of the experience is reflected in the number of people who visit this great attraction.  Best you give it a try.

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