Friday, September 14, 2012

Fort Rodd Hill and Fisgard Light Station

Fort Rodd Hill is a National Historic Site and one of the best attraction deals in greater Victoria.  The Fort was built to protect the harbour and Esquimalt Naval Base.  There is a lot of history in this Park and sights of interest to one and all.  The light house built in 1860 is the oldest one on the West Coast and it is well preserved and full of artifacts and the attached house gives visitors a great look at life back a century or more.  They have some great activities for children in the summer and have lots of special events during the summer months.  The views from the property of the Light House, the Olympic Mountains, traffic from the Naval base, and Esquimalt Lagoon are amazing.  On our last visit a submarine cruised into the harbour right past the light station.  There is some great kayaking in this area and easy access from Esquimalt Lagoon.  Enjoy Fort Rodd Hill and the Fisgard Light. Be sure to check it out you will be amazed.  Today we also saw seals frolicking near shore and a full deer skeleton laying on the beach, half buried in the sand.  You just never know what you will find and see when you re near the ocean.  Enjoy our tour. For more pictures of this great attraction, see our Facebook Page.

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