Saturday, July 21, 2012

Victoria's 150th Celebration - Toast it with a new cocktail at the Veneto Tapa Lounge

Those of you that have met Head Bartender Simon Ogden, understand he is given a project related to cocktail history, he won't take it lightly (to be completely understated). So when the Rialto challenged him to do his research and create a cocktail to pay tribute to the City's 150th celebration...he went missing for a while.

When he emerged back into the light, he was holding the recipe to his "Incorporation Cocktail" inspired by local ingredients that were all the fashion to bar patrons of the era. Here are his notes (courtesy of the hotel):

The Incorporation Cocktail is constructed and presented in the Spirit-forward and nuanced style of the cocktails that were being served in fine Victoria bars in 1862, the year Fort Victoria was incorporated into the City of Victoria. The locally-distilled premium gin from Victoria Spirits drives the drink, combined with the honey and ginger-spice of Tugwell Creek Solstice Mead, the juicy citrus tang of Victoria-made New Theatre Tonic concentrate, all balanced with local organic lavender bitters. Top aromatics are supplied by a spanked basil leaf from my garden. A love letter to our delightful city.

So if that peaks your interest, join the staff at Veneto as they do their best to recreate the experience of cocktailing and hob nobbing back in the day. The Incorporation Cocktail will be available at a featured price as will be other beverages common in the period to try as well. Chef is going to pass out some complimentary nibbles that might have been seen in local public houses at the time.

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